Bring your coins to us and we will turn them into CASH

 Cash 4 Coin

 Why waste hours counting, sorting & rolling your spare change?  Cash4Coin is the answer!  

If you have spare change lying around the house, or a jar of coins that’s overflowing, don’t let it pile up!  With Cash4Coin, it’s simple. 

Just pour your coins into the money machine… it counts & sorts your coins for you in seconds, then issues you a coupon to redeem for instant cash!  Fast, convenient…Redeem your coins for cash.. instantly!   No amount is too big or too small! Cash4Coin…In Victoriaville centre, South Syndicate entrance across from the food court.

Bring your coin to our machine

 It will count and sort it

  • Very quick and easy
  • We give you cash for your coins
  • On the spot



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Cash 4 Coin

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